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ElephantsLab is a blockchain research and product
company. We believe that Blockchain is the Future, and
we are creating it with our minds
We develop solutions
in the following areas
ElephantsLab offers new methods and approaches to development. We have created our ecosystem, designed to make the blockchain accessible.
  • Smart Contract Development

    With a suite of several programming languages, frameworks, database technologies, and full-stack tools, ElephantsLab takes on smart contract building of any complexity.

  • DApp Development

    Whether it is DeFi, GameFi, or NFTs, ElephantsLab is committed to blockchain software development & design that yields robust, scaleable, seamless, and swift decentralized apps.

  • DeFi Development

    Being a leading blockchain development agency, ElephantsLab has exceptional technical expertise in building decentralized finance products: DEXs, AMMs, lending solutions, launchpads, and many others.

  • Cryptocurrency Development

    Having extensive experience tackling crypto token development, ElephantsLab is ready to revolutionize your financial interactions with an ERC20 or ERC223 crypto token, unparalleled decentralized swap, or wallet solution.

  • Blockchain-Based Marketplace Development

    With comprehensive knowledge of web3 trading platforms, ElephantsLab can assemble a bespoke place for you to sell whatever you want - NFTs, digital stuff, or physical world objects - with the help of a distributed ledger.

  • GameFi Development

    Avid game enthusiasts, the ElephantsLab engineers & designers will lend their skills to visualize your imagination in a gripping gaming project, integrating a sustainable decentralized in-game economy.

  • NFT Development

    Whatever nonfungible token you need: gamified, utility, governance, POAP, collectibles, art - ElephantsLab is here to help you create an ERC721 or ERC1155 NFT collection with peerless qualities from the ground up.

  • Crypto Wallet Development

    In case you need a dependable infrastructure solution such as a cryptocurrency + NFT storage app or extension, ElephantsLab knows how to code fast & secure crypto asset portfolio management tools.

ElephantsLab is a new philosophy
and blitz leap for mankind.
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Blockchain - What It Is and What It Means for Development

A blockchain is a tamper-proof, decentralized, immutable ledger database split up into time-stamped bits called blocks that are organized and interlinked into a chain (hence the name) using cryptographic hashes in the capacity of unique identifiers.

The decentralization is achieved through distributing the ledger’s exact copies across multiple independently run computers called nodes that compose blocks, validating them by way of a common consensus mechanism.

Once a transaction is registered in the ledger, every node is informed. This shared knowledge helps the quorum to expose a malicious actor the moment they try to compromise any blockchain-stored data.

Such a network enables a single verity point with high data integrity and security.

Agencies that transitioned to developing with blockchain instruments ushered in the beginning of the web3 era — an internet with no centralized data monopolies where all platforms are distributed and powered by cryptographically ensured immutable ledgers that also power exchange-free and borderless asset flow. The old web2 world fading out by degrees is the opposite of web3’s fresh take.

What is Blockchain Development

It is the process of building, designing, implementing, and maintaining blockchain solutions, systems, and infrastructure. Top companies developing around blockchain technology seek to find meaningful use cases or invent and assemble them, making the most of the unique feature set that blockchain technology has to offer to solve issues and foster opportunities. Blockchain development eliminates data fraud, promotes cybersecurity, automates workflow, streamlines operations, enables reliable IdM (identity management), and much more.

Smart contracts — tamper-resistant self-executing programs eliminating intermediaries - are just one yet the most prominent example of what blockchain development was able to come up with to boost efficiency & dependability.

Main Benefits of Blockchain Software and Apps

Tons of cryptocurrency hype earned blockchain a lot of fame. Sometimes botched attempts to build financial products by inexperienced pioneers eat away at the technology’s genuine economic and social value, which is enormous. But cryptos are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Blockchain software development has managed to hugely augment blockchain’s utility and practicality. Once smart contracts hit the stage, they made decentralized applications — secure, transparent, rapid, low-cost software solutions run on blockchain and protected by it — possible. Agencies that develop decentralized applications started to enable everybody from fintech companies to transportation to medicare providers in the areas where conventional ways to do business are imperfect.

Developing blockchain applications, blockchain coding companies build apps with reinforced data storage & sharing features. The data recorded by them are immutable, promoting indisputable integrity. With no reliance on a single supreme governing body, the power and control go back to every community member - the way a true democracy should work that also cuts go-betweens. What's more, dApps’ open-source nature sends trust through the roof.

ElephantsLab - Blockchain Software Development Company

You might seek opportunities to build a reliable P2P service, automate your operations via self-executing smart contracts, build a secure & transparent platform benefiting from blazing-fast microtransactions, or something unprecedented. Whatever your vision is, look no further than ElephantsLabs, a highly skilled team concerned with the full-stack development of blockchain solutions that make a difference.

Knowing a thing or two about how to develop blockchain products, we’re here to help you launch your perfect decentralized business on a distributed ledger - a borderless revolutionary data storage and sharing technology!

Blockchain Development Service

Specializing in blockchain development - smart contracts, dApps, DeFi, GameFi, metaverses, fungible & nonfungible crypto tokens, decentralized wallets & marketplaces, and more - ElephantsLab is ready to develop blockchain applications that function the way you want them to.

Reach the ultimate data traceability & end-to-end decentralization, leveraging cutting-edge crypto solutions to actualize all your business ideas with our award-winning blockchain development services.

We Create Powerful Web3 Products Based on EVM-Compatible Blockchains

Coding blockchain and web3 solutions well before they started gaining traction, causing other firms to focus on developing with blockchain tools, the ElephantsLab blockchain development agency has got exceptional proficiency in designing & developing any web3 product you might be contemplating, applying blockchain, NFTs, IoT, AI, and other cryptography technologies.

Wielding web3 tools, frameworks, oracles, APIs, and programming languages like renowned Solidity & Rust, our coders help out fintech & gaming industries, among others, to embrace state-of-the-art decentralized implements on such EVM-compatible - able to run smart contracts - blockchains as BNB Chain, Polygon, TRON, Avalanche, and others.

Cross-chain and Multi-chain Solutions

The dawn of standalone blockchains different from the Bitcoin network meant the emergence of numerous decentralized ecosystems isolated from one another. Multi-chain and cross-chain solutions come in handy to solve this problem.

Multi-chain & cross-chain apps are comprised of various smart contracts deployed on two or more blockchains. The former allows user bases to interact with their functionality on more than one blockchain, while the latter enables data, such as assets, to be shared & transferred between blockchains.

These are major developments on our way to decentralized flexibility & blockchain interoperability, as they gave rise to all-new use cases leveraging the advantages different chains have to offer.

To develop a blockchain application featuring cross-chain & multi-chain functionality is to combine the best of both worlds for blockchain technology development companies.

Blockchain Software Development for the Most Complex Industries

There’s a vast list of industries that sure need some further development blockchain can transform for the better. A lot of them are already being or starting to be revolutionized by blockchain technology development companies. An enterprise can now even decide on building a blockchain of its own, contracting it out. Here are the most conspicuous fields:

Banking. With distributed ledgers having no centralized entity in control of your money, blockchain application development companies have already disrupted the traditional banking system. Cutting the middleman with authority over people’s money, blockchains were able to offer a high-security P2P payment system with tiny fees.

Cybersecurity. Top companies developing around blockchain technology can furnish your business with outstanding digital security. You need not worry about it using blockchain. As it is a decentralized environment, all the information stored there is encrypted, verified, and validated by way of a cryptographic consensus algorithm, sealing off all possible ways a malicious actor could breach the system.

Supply Chains. By managing your supply chain with blockchain technology, you can trace down each stage of it effectively, reducing administrative costs. Recording price, location, time & date, certification, quantity & quality, and other important data into an immutable ledger will help you increase your supply chain’s transparency & security. This is also relevant for transportation.


Realty. Blockchain is a huge workflow booster for any business. This way, the real estate businesses can employ it to speed up their ownership/access transfer process, and eliminate necessary currency exchanges that are often involved in such transactions. Moreover, shared secure databases enable realtors not to cross one another thanks to sale, purchase, lease, and rent records becoming unalterable common knowledge.

Cloud Storage. Blockchain-powered storage is a safer, more affordable, and more reliable way to keep information. Unlike centralized cloud storage providers that duplicate data to keep it in different locations with no losses, users of a decentralized one can cut the cost significantly by simply taking advantage of the available disk space on devices around the globe.

Healthcare. When it comes to battling counterfeit drugs, coding blockchain software benefiting from distributed ledger technology provides the opportunity to access any moment in a drug’s lifecycle, encasing each data bit about it reliably in timestamped hash-protected blocks that can’t be tampered with.

Insurance. Blockchain technology can contribute to major efficiency improvements, administrative cost savings, and a see-through situation. The automation offered by blockchain will enable faster claims payouts, and fend off fraud, powering dependable & traceable data sharing between different parties at the same time.


Governance. Developing blockchain applications for a digital government can afford remarkable data protection for institutional records, reducing fraud, money laundering, and wasteful spending. It helps keep every branch entrusted with responsibilities in check and to account, preventing abuse of power and overreach. It also streamlines operations.

What Blockchain Development Agency Like ElephantLab Has to Offer

ElephantsLab is all about a speedy end-to-end process. Having built a multitude of crypto products, our team of expert coders, engineers, analysts, and designers provides a comprehensive actualization cycle from idea to ready-to-launch solution. We supply our clients with quality development, consulting, and maintenance services.

Talented & highly skilled, the ElephantsLabs devs fuelling its blockchain development services undertake the development of blockchain projects that are entirely new or implement crypto solutions into already operating businesses. Professionally.

We Use Only the Best Blockchain Development Tools

The ElephantLab arsenal features only bleeding-edge tech and tools to develop blockchain projects with great functionality.

We code blockchain programs in Solidity and Rust.

Our front-end tool set consists of VueJS, React, and Angular.

Speaking of the back-end part, our implements are numerous: Python (Flask, Django, WS), NodeJs, DBMS (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, Memcached, LevelDB, Redis).

For smooth multiplatform mobile development, we utilize Flutter and React Native.

On the visual side of things, we offer UI/UX and motion design. We also do prototyping, gaming art, and NFT art.

Our DevOps instruments include Docker, LAMP, and Bash. We always get CI/CD right and do cloud engineering.

Last but not least, to assure top-notch quality, we employ an in-house team of software testers that perform unit tests and audits. They use Cypress and Appium frameworks.

Our Blockchain Development Process

Idea. We study your idea and advise you on possible improvements, boosting its fortes and eliminating foibles.

Visualization. We present you with a blueprint and development plan, calculating the ETC (Estimated Time to Complete). We welcome your suggestions, provide consultations, then and act on the agreed alterations.

Development. The development team takes up the visualization and sets up workflow specific to the project, starting to code blockchain contracts, engineer and design user interface, to ultimately compile an MVP.

Testing. We conduct thorough alpha testing divided into several rounds. In our beta phase, the product is first made available to a select group of eligible external testers, then to everybody keen on trying it out. The devs fix bugs as they come.

Release. This is the final stage wherein the fully tested product is launched on the market supported by a comprehensive advertising campaign.

ElephantLab Blockchain Development Team

Based in Ukraine and the UK, the ElephantsLab blockchain development team is comprised of veteran professionals and gifted fresh blood devs specializing in distributed ledger development, blockchain technology & cryptography, full-stack software coding, marketing, UI/UX design, analytics, and other areas vital for first-class production.

We’re not an outsourcing or outstaffing blockchain coding service. We are a close-knit blockchain development firm building products A to Z, which makes us highly efficient and gives us the edge over the competition.

Contact us, the ElephantsLab specialists are waiting in the wings for your next cool idea. To make a difference.

Our blockchain application development company has been enabling a decentralized & efficient future since 2018!

Our Portfolio

We Blockchain Everything.

In the DeFi realm, we offer DEX, dApp, staking or yield framing platform, lending platform, launchpad development, as well as any custom or hybrid solution you might come up with.

The ElephantsLab blockchain software development company is au courant with NFTs: single and multi-chain NFT marketplace, NFT staking or minting platform, or NFT collection development, from art to gamified ones, ERC721 or ERC1155 - we got it all safely under our belt.

In case you need a crypto coin or token with tailored utility, we got your back. The ElephantsLab cryptographers embark on the development of blockchain tokens like ERC-20 ones and others as well as stablecoins able to perform for successful tokenomics.

Embracing web3 freedom, our proficiency with blockchain development encompasses crypto wallet and swap apps and browser extensions.

By and large, the ElephantsLab blockchain development firm has expert knowledge & skills in secure data storage & sharing solutions as well as crypto asset transfer & management ones.

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