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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform with unique DeFi features. The two main benefits of our platform are liquidity staking and farming.
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Meet the new era of DeFi on bRing

bRing 2.0 version offers several staking pool options, unlike the previous version, which specialized exclusively in farm pools. We offer our users single token staking - you can stake one token to get the same token that you can claim at any time. Also, we offer a liquidity staking at which you can stake LP tokens and receive tokens as a reward. And of course, farming pools where multiple projects are pooled and you can stake one token or LP token from the participating projects and get all the tokens in the pool as a reward. Our staking pools are designed to help increase interest and liquidity in a given token, which directly contributes to creating demand. bRing provides full technical support, so we are proud of our service.

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Oleksandr Bodnar
Dmytro Zarezenko
Sofiia Yanchuk
Andriy Kryvenko
SMM Manager
Ivan Repetskyi
Lead Generation Manager
Vladislav Protsyuk
Creative Manager
Olha Rudenko
Project Manager
Valentyn Oliynyk
Blockchain/Full Stack Developer
Vladislav Pelykh
Frontend developer
Olga Velhus
Olga Kadynska
Lead QA
Serhii Kondratiuk
Junior QA
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