Foxes vs Rabbits

Foxes vs Rabbits is a fun ecosystem simulation where players can populate the game map with rabbits, foxes, and bears.

Where the wild beasties are

In Foxes vs Rabbits your animals live and develop within the ecosystem, improving their skills as they exist in it. Initially, only rabbits are available to players, which can be bought in the market, but a limited number. After that, the rabbits begin to multiply, which will allow them to be sold to other players. Next, Foxes with their modified gameplay will become available, followed by Bears. Thus, the in-game market works.

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Anatolii Bilokon
Dmytro Zarezenko
Ivan Voznoi
Blockchain Marketer
Andriy Kryvenko
SMM Manager
Liudmyla Oleksiichuk
Art designer / Illustrator
Veronika Kasiyan
2D Artist
Petro Semykon
Project Manager
Danylo Novosolov
Unity Developer
Denys Chaplyhin
Python Developer
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Python Developer
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Python Developer
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Junior QA
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